Create a Staycation Destination

Staycation Destination

Staycations aren’t a new idea, but when staying home became mandatory I started getting more calls from people looking for an alternative to travel. Even if a new pool or spa currently falls into your “do later” category, we all need something to look forward to. Planning how to make your home better for the […]

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Water and Space: Why the Best Pool Designs Start with the Space

Pools and spas designed for enjoyment

This is the first in a series of articles on how water and space work together in creating an indoor-outdoor environment that adds beauty, harmony, functionality and enjoyment to your home.

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Clear water, clean pool? Not necessarily

water testing

Only consistent testing keeps pool water clear, clean, balanced and safe.

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Top Pool News Stories from 2019 that Impact the Industry in 2020

Top Pool News Stories

News of the pool and hot tub industry probably isn’t at the top of your reading list, so I’ll share occasional pool news stories here that could be important to you.

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