5 Steps to Make a Swimming Pool a Luxury Pool

How do you achieve that ultimate value—the luxury pool effect. In previous articles we’ve looked at the well documented benefits—physical, mental, social and spiritual—that water and swimming pools bring into a home. These health benefits—along with the fun, relaxation, and enjoyment—can add up to what I call a “Luxury Pool Effect.”

The feel of luxury is subjective, different for each of us and experienced differently from one moment to the next. The one thing we can count on is that—consciously or unconsciously—when we step into an outdoor space filled with water, our minds and bodies are drawn to its luxury effect. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the water or gathered around the water, a well-designed swimming pool and its surrounding environment conveys a sense of luxury.

Luxury Pool

A well-designed swimming pool and its surrounding environment conveys a sense of luxury

5 Steps to Value and Luxury

How do some pool owners achieve that ultimate value—the luxury pool effect—while others don’t? The answer isn’t simply spending more money. Look for “value luxury.” The secret is luxury that adds value to your home and value to the way you experience your home. Successful pool projects start with choosing a quality pool design/build firm that follows these five essential steps.

(1) Design:

Creating luxury starts with good design, and good design starts with a plan that takes the project from concept to a comprehensive design with full construction documentation. The initial plan answers a host of key questions: The size and shape of your yard and environmental conditions, such as soil, shade, sun, view. How you plan to use the pool. The size and style of your pool, and additional features that complete the plan. Colors are chosen and designs developed to fit in with your home. Movement through your outdoor space is carefully choreographed.

(2) Focus:

What you leave out of a design is as important as what you put in. Sometimes a pool design is constrained by budget, local building codes, lot size, shape, or soil conditions. When you boil down your plan to the essential elements it can feel like you’re sacrificing something, but in the long run less is more. There’s luxury in open spaces, in allowing room for focus, contrast and balance.

(3) Engineer:

Creating luxury that lasts is a design and engineering process. Before you start a pool design an environmental engineer may need to evaluate the site for soil conditions. These findings can influence design choices, such as grading and drainage, engineering of patios and structures. Engineering enters into proper sizing of piping, choosing and integrating pumps, filters, water treatment systems, heaters, and other features into a pool design. To ensure structural integrity of your pool, an engineer is onsite during construction to test and certify the durability of the concrete.

(4) Build:

Building luxury that lasts means your builder is onsite to oversee and coordinate your pool construction through the entire process. Your builder sees that piping is installed correctly, and rebar is installed to specifications. Your builder will make sure all concrete meets specs and concrete delivery is timed right. That work is performed as specified and crafted with care. That disruption and impact on the surrounding grounds are minimized.

(5) Maintain:

Maintaining luxury that lasts means your pool is designed and built with maintenance in mind. It means your builder is available to service your pool. Competent service requires sharing important knowledge about testing and water balance with pool owners. Maintainability means trained service technicians who are constantly upgrading their skills. That’s how you enjoy what you’ve created for years to come.

Value Luxury

I didn’t set out to build luxury pools. My goal has always been to design and build pools and spas that people simply enjoy. What I discovered is that our designs were creating these outdoor living areas—these WaterSpaces—that helped home owners uncover more value in their yards and homes. Everything just feels more luxurious.

Together we transform your home. With great design, careful and competent construction, and continuing maintenance your new pool adds remarkable underlying value: the luxury effect. As a client once told me, “Every time I enter this space, or simply look out at it, I feel refreshed. It’s something I’ll always value.”

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