LSI and Pool Water Balance Made Easier

Water balance starts with understanding LSI: the Langelier Saturation Index. I admit I’m a nut about maintaining safe and clean pool water. I know how important it is to maintain water that’s good for your pool and for the people in it. What drives me nuts is that it doesn’t have to be so complicated. You just need to know why and how to keep your balance.

Water balance gets complicated, if you let it

Too many people who are supposed to be responsible for the job think that using LSI is too complicated, that it’s easier to throw more chemicals in the water. They simply don’t understand how LSI helps keep things balanced, using fewer chemicals. Here’s the truth:

  • Water balance gets complicated when you don’t do anything about it
  • Water balance gets complicated when you do the wrong things
  • Water balance gets complicated when you get bad information on YouTube

Watch these videos about LSI, get the free app, and make maintaining your pool water far less complicated.

Whether you’re a responsible do-it-yourself pool owner, or you rely on a pool service, arm yourself with the right information about LSI. Then get the free app that makes it easier to determine the right moves to maintain your water balance. The first two-minute video explains LSI and the second shows how to use a free app. Both videos are produced by Orenda Technologies, as is the app. Orenda is to my mind the leading specialty chemical manufacturer—and educator—serving the pool industry. I think you’ll see why in these videos.

Why Measure LSI:


In this Understanding LSI video, Orenda Technologies’s Eric Knight explains why LSI is the first and most important step in pool water maintenance

Download the App, Watch the Video:

Download ORENDA in the App Store or GooglePlay then watch How to use the Orenda App and LSI Calculator. Eric Knight shows how the App’s highly accurate LSI calculator helps you adjust the water balance factors to get your LSI value as close to 0.00 as possible.

Know who you can trust

The problem of getting water balance right isn’t just a matter of unknowing or negligent owners—commercial or residential. It goes deeper to those who sell their services and pose as experts online. Too many pool services people either don’t understand or don’t want to be bothered with the time and effort to use the water testing and treatment tools available today. For DYI owners, finding trustworthy information can be a problem. You might click on the most popular link and miss the right link. The one that takes you to what you really need to know about water chemistry.

There’s more to learn

We all have more to learn about water. Eric Knight, who you saw in these videos, will be conducting a training session here in Deptford, NJ, for all our technicians. If you’ve engaged Budd’s Pools to manage your pool water maintenance, we’ll help you learn more as well. With the right information and tools, it’s easier for everyone to understand what to do, when, and why. It’s all about balance and keeping your pool water chemistry less complicated.

Following is a short list of articles about water maintenance that we’ve posted on The WaterSpace.

I also recommend the Orenda Thechnologies blog, and their catalog of educational videos.

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